Smarter Care

How We Care Smarter

Megan ReadHi I’m Megan; Proprietor and Managing Director of Grassington House. I introduced Nourish to the home in July 2015, as I felt that the staff were spending too much time on paperwork which was taking away valuable time spent with the residents. Our staff are now able to record care records on the go, in the company of the residents. The quality of the records are now outstanding meaning more effective care can be communicated and given. 

What is Nourish?

Nourish is the system we use to record all of our care notes, assessments and care plans. We use small hand-held devices to input our care notes at the point of care. This is important as it ensures that we record accurate information as soon as possible, and that we don’t have to keep returning to the admin office – meaning we spend more time with the residents. So, if you see our team walking around with phones – this is why!

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How does this help our team?

With Nourish, all of our records are accessible in the same place, so that our team can see the information they need, when they need it. We save time by recording our notes on-the-go, and can record more detailed information about the people we’re supporting. With care notes and care plans that are accessible, consistent and accountable, evidencing care to CQC becomes a lot less time-consuming. This means we get to focus on what really matters – supporting our residents.

What does this mean for our residents?

We believe that using Nourish means that we can provide better care for our residents. By using Nourish, our residents get:

  • More time directly with our care team
  • A better informed care team to provide care support exactly as they want it
  • A confident care team who knows more about them as an individual
  • The ability to easily review and give input into their own care plans

“Megan and Grassington House believed in the vision of Nourish from the very beginning. As one of our very first care providers in Dorset, they have worked with us closely to continuously improve the system to ensure that they can provide the best care possible. Megan and her team truly understand how technology can be used to change care for the better.  We’ve been very lucky to work with them as an organisation” – Nuno Almeida, Founder of Nourish. 

Find out more about Nourish here.